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Wed, 02/03/2016 - 7:28pm

Corrie stopped in her tracks and stared at Ginny, completely flabbergasted. If she’d expected the question, she might have been able to prepare for it, come up with a lie or an excuse. But these questions really didn’t have anything to do with Professor Strega. Corrie had hardly been thinking about her at all!

She tried to regain her stride and her equilibrium, but it was obvious that Ginny had noticed her shock. She shook her head at Corrie. She didn’t look angry—in fact, she still looked somewhat amused—but that didn’t mean anything.

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Sun, 01/31/2016 - 7:42pm

“Aha,” Ginny said, a smile in her voice. When Corrie glanced at her, she was indeed smiling. Was it just because Corrie had finally asked the question she’d been trying to ask this whole time? “So that’s the crux of it. Yes, I think it does.”

“You’re not sure?”

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Wed, 01/27/2016 - 7:40pm

“I… I don’t know.” Corrie stared into the distance ahead of them as they walked slowly, curving around the buildings with the path.

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Sun, 01/24/2016 - 7:17pm

Corrie and Ginny passed Professor Strega on their way out of the hall. Corrie was nervous that Professor Strega would say something, question the fact that Corrie was walking with a teacher she didn’t have that semester, but the faerie professor just nodded at the two of them as they went past. Ginny didn’t say anything, either.

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Wed, 01/20/2016 - 7:38pm

Friday, March 11

Ever since Roe had told Corrie, Dawn, and Edie about the vision she’d had showing Edie and Leila, Corrie hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. First of all, there was the question of whether it really was true that faeries, or faerie blood, made it easier for Roe’s visions to work. It certainly did seem that she’d had a high proportion of visions about faeries, and Corrie hoped she would test it more scientifically.

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Sun, 01/10/2016 - 6:52pm

Dawn was a little surprised that, when she got back to her own room, Naomi was there. She often didn’t see her roommate on weekday nights—they had different schedules, and one of them often had either a boyfriend over or was over at the boyfriend’s room. Dawn felt a pang of unhappiness at the reminder that she hadn’t been spending that much time with Rico lately—she’d been busier than ever with her attempts to help Professor Strega, schoolwork, and work at the library.

“Hey,” said Naomi, looking over her shoulder when Dawn came in. “Did you find Elrath yet?”

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Wed, 01/06/2016 - 7:56pm

Dawn nodded eagerly. Corrie’s suggestion made a lot of sense. Of course, it was possible that Elrath would have some reason for pretending to be Leila other than messing with Edie and the rest of them, but they didn’t know enough about him to come up with any other reasons. They didn’t really know anything about him, except that he liked to—or once had the idea to—glamour himself as a woman, go to a party, and drug people.

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Sun, 01/03/2016 - 7:39pm

Now that they’d come to some tentative conclusions about Leila, Dawn wondered whether she should go back to her own room or not. She felt awkward about turning the conversation back to Elrath when Edie was obviously unhappy. She was about to break the silence by saying it was time to start her homework when Corrie spoke.

“I wonder,” Corrie said.

“You wonder what?” asked Dawn, raising her eyebrows.

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Wed, 12/30/2015 - 7:42pm

The three of them walked back to Gilkey together. Dawn was pleased to notice that even though the sun had set some time before, it hadn’t gotten as chilly as it usually did these last months. Spring really was coming.

Of course, if spring was coming, that meant Leila was coming back, according to Roe’s vision. And that might not be a good thing.

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Sun, 12/27/2015 - 7:38pm

Roe reached the table and sat down, saying hi and grinning at them. For a moment Dawn hoped that she’d had a vision of the three of them talking to Elrath, but then she realized that Roe wouldn’t be grinning about that. They hadn’t told Roe they were looking for him and they should probably continue to refrain from telling her. They didn’t want her getting suspicious about what they were doing—though Dawn remembered that she really should tell Professor Strega to let Roe know she was leaving if she was able to.

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The wonderful thing about tiggers